Hydra Beauty Gel Creme

US$ 103.00
A groundbreaking, high-performance moisturizer

Genifique Advanced Youth Activating Concentrate

US$ 236.50
A high-performance anti-aging face serum
La Roche Posay

Effaclar Serum

US$ 49.00
A non-greasy, skin-refining facial serum

Newhite Perfect Brightening Cleansing Foam

US$ 40.50
An effective brightening foaming face wash
Cellcosmet & Cellmen

Cellcosmet Active Tonic

US$ 108.00
A micro-exfoliating facial toner

Blueberry Smoothie (Salon Product)

US$ 50.50
A refreshing, antioxidant superficial face peel
Sale -15%

Benefit Clean Gentle Cleanser

US$ 33.00
US$ 39.00
An ultra-gentle, sulfate-free facial cleanser
Sale -10%
Helena Rubinstein

Pure Ritual Skin Perfecting Lotion

US$ 88.50
US$ 99.00
An effective purifying face cleansing lotion
Yves Saint Laurent

Cellular Refining Lotion

US$ 111.00
Fragile and alcohol-free toner

Rose Eye MakeUp Remover

US$ 52.00
A gentle, non-oily eye cleanser & makeup remover

Age Perfect Restoring Nourshing Foam

US$ 26.00
A hydrating & nourishing facial foam wash
Sale -38%

Rosa Centifolia Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser (All Skin Types)

US$ 21.00
US$ 34.00
A non-abrasive, bi-phased face cleanser
Sale -12%

Expert Purete Expert Points Noirs - Blocked Pores Unclogging Care

US$ 32.50
US$ 37.00
A targeted pore-unclogging face exfoliator

Primary PhotoAging - Herbal Wash

US$ 39.00
A superior, botanical-based facial cleanser
Sale -25%

Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules

US$ 78.00
US$ 105.00
Formulated with a high concentration of anti-oxidant properties
Sale -19%

Purifying Cleansing Toner (For Combination /Oily Skin)

US$ 30.50
US$ 38.00
A gentle astringent, non-drying cleansing toner
Sale -4%

CLEANSING Gel & Tonic 2 In 1

US$ 35.50
US$ 37.00
A refreshing, oil-free cleansing gel & toner
Sale -52%

Skin Expert Pure-Clay Cleanser - Purify & Mattify

US$ 8.00
US$ 17.00
A purifying & mattifying facial cleanser
Sale -38%

Clarimatte T-Zone Control Cleansing Gel (For Combination To Oily Skin)

US$ 21.00
US$ 34.00
A purifying, anti-bacterial facial cleansing gel
Sale -4%

Resurfacing Cream

US$ 46.50
US$ 48.50
An efficacious exfoliating & re-surfacing cream cleanser
Sale -4%
Ella Bache

Ella Perfect Tomato Silky Cleansing Cream

US$ 33.50
US$ 35.00
A silky facial cleansing cream
Sale -30%

Exotic Cream Moisturising Mask (Salon Size)

US$ 99.00
US$ 142.00
This light, creamy mask contains a dynamic blend of beneficial ingredients

Purity Peel (Salon Product)

US$ 89.50
A detoxifying, deep epidermal face peel
Sale -30%

Aroma Cleanse Clay Powder Cleanser - For Combination Skin Types

US$ 25.00
US$ 36.00
A professional cleansing powder for combination skin
Sale -30%

Pure Enzymes Cranberry Exfoliating Mask (Salon Size)

US$ 65.50
US$ 94.00
A moderate exfoliating facial mask
Sale -13%

Refreshing Cleanser - Normal/Combination Skin

US$ 33.00
US$ 38.00
An absolute refreshing foamy cleanser

Cream To Milk Facial Exfoliant

US$ 35.00
A massage-activated facial exfoliant
Sale -12%

Hydro Sensation Micellar Cleansing Water

US$ 17.50
US$ 20.00
A vegan, organic & no-rinse cleansing water

Moisture Balance Toner

US$ 32.50
A soothing & refreshing face toner

Men Cleansing Foam

US$ 27.50
A high performance facial cleanser for regular use

Pure Rosewater

US$ 85.50
This uplifting rose water helps maintain a clear complexion
Eve Lom

Time Retreat Radiance Essence

US$ 99.00
An effective brightening & anti-aging facial essence

Cleansing Milk (Normal/Dry Skin)

US$ 20.00
A natural cleansing milk for normal or dry skin


US$ 39.50
Features a water-fresh liquid formula infused with rose extract
Sale -1%

Gentle Cleansing Creme

US$ 33.50
US$ 34.00
A soap-free, anti-aging cleansing cream

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